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Sirtfood® Shot

is the ideal solution to maintain

your body's



consumption information
Consume the contents of one bottle once a day in the morning or at noon before eating. Shake well before drinking. 

​what are the benefits of a sirtfood® shot?

  • Optimizes your weight management without dietary frustration. (1)

  • Offers a prebiotic formula for your gastrointestinal health. (1)

  • Acts as a 'beauty' shot for clean skin, healthy hair and beautiful nails. (2)

  • Contributes to collagen formation. (3)

  • Gives you strength by protecting your cells from oxidative stress. (3)

  • Strengthens your immune system and optimizes the physical defense. (4)

  • Contributes to maintaining muscle function. (4)

  • Keeps you fit through a normal energy metabolism and reduces fatigue and tiredness. (5)

(1) Galactomannane-Fibre (2) Zinc (3) Vitamin C (4) Vitamin D  (5) Vitamin B3

Contents: 30 drinking bottles, 25 ml each


active ingredients & extracts

Water, partially hydrolysed galactomannans (from guar bean), sweetener: erythritol, acidifier: citric acid, green tea extract, ascorbic acid, nat. flavour, mango extract, apple extract, blueberry extract, broccoli extract, olive leaf extract,zinc gluconate, preservative: potassium sorbate, nicotinamide, preservative: sodium benzoate, sweetener: acesulfam K and steviol glycosides, cholecalciferol (vegan, from vegetables)


anthocyanin & anthocyanidins

​Blueberry extract can:

  • Reduce DNA damage by up to 20%.

  • Improve insulin sensitivity in cases of insulin resistance. 
    Especially for high-risk individuals.

  • Have an anti-inflammatory effect.

The heart and large vessels
AdobeStock_174683838 (1)_edited_edited.j

Mango Kernel Extract can:

  • Suppress fat production (reducing the activity of PPARγ).

  • Lead to an increase in adiponectin, a fatty tissue hormone involved in fat loss and glucose control.

  • Help reduce leptin resistance, a factor that can lead to obesity.

  • Protect from oxidative DNA damage.

  • Contribute to the prevention of metabolism and age-related diseases.


Apple Extract can:

  • Prevent pigmentation spots by inhibiting the formation of melanin in the skin.

  • Improve the sugar metabolism by means of metabolism.

  • Increase the glucose tolerance and thus improve the insulin effect.

  • Have an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect in terms of cell protection.

  • Activate the immune system against cancer cells and prevent uncontrolled cell growth by means of cancer prevention.

Schematic representation of phloretin’s cellular effects and of its block/activation of protein and transcription factors



​Sulforaphane can:

  • Unfold antioxidant, antimicrobial and antiinflammatory effects (sulforaphane is an indirect antioxidant) and has anti-aging, neuroprotective and antidiabetic properties.

  • Increase the antioxidant capacity by increasing the production of antioxidant enzymes.

  • Protect from the development of cancer.

  • Prevent cardiovascular and eurodegenerative diseases.


Olive Leaf Extract can:

  • In view of metabolism improve the functioning of the thyroid gland and has thus positive effects on overweight.

  • Positively influence the liver fat metabolism.

  • With regard to cell and vascular protection, have anti-inflammatory, hypotensive and vasodilatory effects, thus protecting against autoimmunity and inhibiting the development of arteriosclerosis.

  • Unfold neuroprotective effects by protecting against oxidative stress and thus support the nerve cells and the formation of neuronal structures.

  • Unfold neuroprotective effects by protecting organs especially the liver and heart and the DNA from damage and can thus inhibit the development of cancer.

  • Prevent premature cartilage degradation and degenerative bone and joint diseases with regard to joints.

(GOS) - Dietary fibre
  • GOS are purely natural, water-soluble dietary fibres obtained from guar gum. They lower theglycemic index and help the body combat elevated blood sugar levels. In addition, the mineral absorption is improved. The body is fuller and the daily energy intake can be reduced accordingly. The increased intestinal passage and the health of the digestive tract are improved.

  • Other fibres can cause constipation and flatulence. GOS, however, relieve constipation and flatulence.

  • They are used for the health of the digestive system and weight management


how plant extracts active
sirtuins without starvation:

Asset 1_edited.jpg
    Plant substances from natural ingredients
    Plant extracts can activate sirtuins without starvation

    Dietary fiber has a filling effect

modulates the body's own sirtuins for optimized weight management and is based on the latest dna research for youthful freshness and perfect skin

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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