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The Swiss Bluezones® research group is a cooperation of life science companies focusing on evidence-based phytotherapy. We work closely with international science centres and universities around the world to develop sophisticated skin therapies and prevention concepts using state of the art Bluezones Geneometry Analytics. mission


Our Sirtfood® research is based on a senolytic approach with a focus on the autophagy. The aim is to delay, prevent, alleviate or eliminate age-related diseases. With the help of an innovative analysis method "Precision-Geneometry®" we can evaluate all genomic data precisely. 


Furthermore, our therapies are based on state-of-the-art monitoring and analysis standards, with a focus on gene expression, DNA, epigenetic, metabolic and miRNA analysis. These analyses show the understanding of food intake and metabolism.


Instead of chemically converting food into energy, the intake of food and plant compounds is seen as a potential intervention in a long-term health plan.


This scientific collaboration will have a major impact on the future perception, cultivation and production of plant substances. For over 20 years, we have been developing innovative biotechnological methods here in Switzerland to decipher and exploit the secrets of nature.

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